Napkin Sketches

Just a few Napkin Sketches. These are all on regular cocktail napkins. Many completed will sitting at a bar. If you like one send me a note. Any one of them could be yours for the price of a pint (plus shipping). Or you could stop by the studio, drop off a pint and pick one out.

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Where things started.

Sitting at the Gaffer’s Sports Pub on Ocracoke, Island during Super Bowl 2013, started drawing abstract compositions and later landscapes. As I remember it … it was a boring game.

Drawn while sitting in the Bar at The Cohill Inn in Lubec, Maine, summer of 2014.  What a view of Johnson Bay. This isn’t where this all started but it sure is where it the ball started rolling.


Some are just fun. They can’t all be taken from reality.


North Carolina, Home.

Scotland, Feels like home.


Kevin G. Owen